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p300: file sharing and chat for your LAN or VPN


p300 is a P2P utility to chat and share directories with other hosts on your network (and only there).



We don't have more dependencies because everything is based only on the JRE. Yes, this is stupid but a good way to learn a lot of coding :)

Short Howto

  1. Download it
  2. Run it by
    • Windows: Double clicking the .exe
    • Linux: java -jar p300.jar
    • OS X: Double clicking the .app
  3. Configure your shared directories
  4. Use it from the other computers! Other p300 hosts will show up automatically
  5. If it does not work yet, you need to allow the other host in the p300 webinterface

Friends and more


You can be notified about new releases

If you are interested in the ongoing development, you can subscribe to this feed and see when we are working on p300.

Planned features for new releases include:

We are happy if you suggest more features.