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My question is not answered here, can you help?


p300 worked before, now it exits immediatly after starting, can you help?

Yes, this is known problem and fixed in versions after 809.

How can I run p300 on Linux?

If you have downloaded the JAR file, run it on the console with java -jar p300.jar or in your file manager try "Open With" java -jar.
Depending on your web browser and Java configuration, you can also just run via Java WebStart.

Is p300 secure?

You can define which IPs may connect to the p300 webserver. All configuration is secured by a password. There are no known vulnerabilities, but usually you don't have any bad people on your local network anyway, do you?

Why not samba or the integrated windows file sharing?

The goal of p300 is different. It will provide a just-works-download-only solution for every major OS without user accounts or problems when using different samba or windows versions. Also samba does not provide proper auto-discovery and bandwidth limiting. An integrated search function will be one of the next things to be implemented in p300.

Why does discovery not work for me?

Manually add the IP of any other p300 node on your network. The others should be discovered automatically.

Other p300 hosts do not show up. What should I do?

Some hosts show up multiple times or my host shows up in my own host list. What's going on?

This is currently (as of revision 876) a known problem. It will be fixed in one of the next releases.

Is there a mode without a GUI?

Try java -jar p300.jar --help

How can I change the admin username and password without a GUI?

Try java -jar p300.jar --help

Which ports does p300 use?

Port 4337 for UDP and TCP. The multicast host used is

Isn't java slow?

Java has a longer startup time compared to native programs and applications with a complex GUI may respond a bit slower. But since p300 is a program you probably start once a day and then leave it running and you control it with your web browser anyway this does not matter.

How can I recursively download a directory?

If you are using the graphic user interface, click on a directory with the right mouse button. If you are using the web interface: On Linux or OS X try wget -c -r -l INF -np http://location. For Windows, you could try to get a download manager

How can I abort a download?

Currently only by quitting p300 and going into the .p300 folder of your home directory. On Windows this will be c:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\. In this directory, delete download_informations and incomplete_downloads to abort all downloads. Then start p300 again.

How can I see the size of files in the directory listings?

Hover with your mouse over a file.

Can I use my file manager instead of the integrated browser?

Yes, that is what the WebDAV support is for.
Explorer Windows XP In Internet Explorer, select "File" and then "Open". Enter http://HOST:4337 and check "Open as Webfolder".

What also may work: Add http://HOST:4337 as a network resource in the network connections.
Finder Mac OS X 10.4 Press Apple+K and enter http://HOST:4337
Transmit Mac OS X 10.4 Open HOST:4337 as WebDAV
Cyberduck 3.x Mac OS X 10.x Open HOST:4337 as WebDAV
Konqueror KDE Use webdav://HOST:4337
Nautilus / Gnome-VFS Gnome Use "Connect to server" and pick WebDAV. Use 4337 as port.
Works with versions Nautilus 2.17.92, Gnome-VFS 2.17.91 and probably higher
Other clients are confirmed to work, however Windows Vista does not work yet.

p300 shows only an empty window

The reason may be the fact that you use the Beryl window manager. Please see the workaround in the Beryl wiki.

How can I disable the splash screen?

Start p300 as java -splash:. -jar p300.jar

The tray icon does not work under Linux!

It has some problems with KDE but works with Gnome. Research on the internet and help us if you know what to do!

I need a p300 icon for Linux

You can get the p300 icon as SVG.

How can I build an application that interacts with p300?

Contact us :)

Can you add feature x?

Ask for it :)